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Send Fax

RingCentral makes it easy to send fax over the Internet, by email, online account, Microsoft applications and even your phone. Every time you send fax with RingCentral, you’ll be amazed as how technologically advanced it is, yet it’s simple to setup and use. And when you send fax with RingCentral, you’re finally freed from the tethers of your fax machine. Remotely processed and distributed via the Internet, when you send fax with RingCentral, you’re ensuring that you’ll never get another busy signal - RingCentral send fax software simply doesn’t tie up computer or phone lines. Packed with powerful management tools for you to send fax, RingCentral lets you get back to the business of running your business, instead of running your fax machine.

With traditional faxing, you have high costs associated with hardware maintenance, as well as security and reliability issues. When you send fax with RingCentral, however, you’ll just press 'Send' and go. Callers will no longer get busy signals. And there's no waiting for a fax to transmit. You and your employees get the power to send fax using RingCentral fax software and a dedicated local or toll free number for all your fax services.

RingCentral fax software makes it easier, more secure and reliable than it has been before to send fax anywhere, worldwide. No more waiting by the fax machine after hitting "send fax," hoping that the documents you're trying to fax were successfully transmitted. Instead, RingCentral send fax software notifies you via text message or email when a send is complete. With RingCentral, you can go ahead and press 'send fax' with confidence: your fax is sent to its destination from the convenience of your desk.

Have you ever tried to send a fax to someone, only to have them call you to say that the fax never arrived? Or that it was unreadable? Have you ever needed to fax sensitive information, but you were concerned about it sitting out, exposed for all to read? When you send fax with RingCentral, these issues are no longer problems. RingCentral send fax software remotely processes your fax communications through the Internet and delivers them as email attachments. The fax software is robust, and when you send fax with RingCentral, the management tools are best-in-class - you even get a toll free or local number with your RingCentral fax software and services.

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